What is winchain?
Winchain is a blockchain-based underlying system developed by the Winchain Open Source Technology Foundation Team (“WOST team”) from Silicon Valley to support the operation of national-level lottery systems. With its in-depth blockchain technology know-how and unmatched industry exposure, the WOST Foundation team is trying to revolutionize the lottery industry through decentralized technology, and further develop the blockchain-based lottery technology into a new standard of underlying system behind lotteries around the world.

Currently, an African country has decided to adopt the Winchain lottery underlying system in its national-level lottery operation, aiming to issue the world’s first decentralized lottery ticket by September 2018. Winchain is actively pushing its businesses in Africa, Asia and Europe along the One Belt and One Road corridor, some of the countries have expressed their interest to adopting the technology in its national lottery operation. The WOST Foundation team’s vision is to become the world's leading lottery technology provider in the new age of cryptocurrency.