Whit is winchain?
Public blockchain + Consortium chain
Public blockchain
The public blockchain serves as the base of the bookkeeper election mechanism. Because public-chain is complete open, more people can participate in the node registration and bookkeeping of the consortium-chain and get their rewards accordingly. Therefore,the consortium blockchain will get much closer to the public chain in terms of openness, transparency, and robustness. The decentralization of rights, bookkeeping, and transactions are well achieved on the ecosystem.
Consortium chain
As the underlying technology platform, the consortium-chain features instant transfer of digital assets at a very low cost. Separation of productivity and relations of production through a dual-chain mechanism allows efficiency and transparency to reach an optimal solution.
Open source system
Open and diversified developer ecosystem can support several application scenarios.
Smart contracts
The production of absolute random number and the mechanism of decentralized oracle decentralized oracle under the multi-point tendency ensure the security of oracle data and the openness and transparency of lottery system.
Smart KYC
Ensure the security of user identity and digital asset transaction, confidentiality and anti-fraud. Make sure the process of lottery consumption would be safe,convenient, open,transparent,and checkable.