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National Blockchain-based Lottery
System for The Global Market

What is Winchain?

Dual-chain Mechanism

Public Blockchain

Consortium Blockchain







Node Election


Encouragement Of
Developer's Contribution






Stake system

Application system

Economic system

National ecosystem

Winchain is a blockchain-based underlying system developed by the Winchain Open Source Technology Foundation Team (“WOST Foundation team”) from Silicon Valley to support the operation of national-level lottery systems. With its in-depth blockchain technology know-how and unmatched industry exposure, the WOST Foundation team is trying to revolutionize the lottery industry through decentralized technology, and further develop the blockchain-based lottery technology into a new standard of underlying system behind lotteries around the world.

Powerwin is a blockchain-based public lottery system designed to encourage users and developers to develop, elect and compete in the lottery games. As a testnet for the lottery games, those best lottery games with best performance and popularity will be recommended to national states and become the national-level lottery games by joining the lucky network. The goal is to develop PowerWin into the largest lottery pool and the most active lottery game developers’ community in the world.The 6aus49 lottery, a basic lottery game based on PowerWin will be introduced. From the start, the lottery pool will be initiated with 100 million WinToken.

Why is Winchain Better?

Public chain + Consortium chain

The public blockchain serves as the base of the bookkeeper election mechanism. Because public-chain is complete open, more people can participate in the node registration and bookkeeping of the consortium-chain and get their rewards accordingly. Therefore,the consortium blockchain will get much closer to the public chain in terms of openness, transparency, and robustness. The decentralization of rights, bookkeeping, and transactions are well achieved on the ecosystem. As the underlying technology platform, the consortium-chain features instant transfer of digital assets at a very low cost. Separation of productivity and relations of production through a dual-chain mechanism allows efficiency and transparency to reach an optimal solution.
  • Open source

  • Smart contracts

  • Smart KYC

  • Open and diversified developer ecosystem can support several application scenarios.
  • The production of absolute random number and the mechanism of decentralized oracle decentralized oracle under the multi-point tendency ensure the security of oracle data and the openness and transparency of lottery system.
  • Ensure the security of user identity and digital asset transaction, confidentiality and anti-fraud. Make sure the process of lottery consumption would be safe,convenient, open,transparent,and checkable.

Smart Oracle

What can you do with Winchain?

  • Traditional lottery

  • Blockchain-based lottery

  • Chess & Cards

  • Sporting quiz
  • E-sports quiz
  • Union lotto
  • 6aus49
  • Simulation game
  • Cards
  • Texas hold'em
  • Dice
  • 21 points

Upgrade traditional lottery industry

  • Decentralized smart KYC and user information security can prevent tampering


  • Ensure that each ticket is real, data-based, checkable and traceable


  • The tickets purchased online and offline are subject to the chain data and consensus mechanism


  • Uniform blockchain registration is cost effective, safe, open and transparent


  • Decentralized algorithm, smart contract, absolute random number guaranteed by computation


  • A lottery is promptly and automatically claimed, subject to smart contracts and free of third-party control

    a Prize

WinToken & Lucky


WinToken can be used for
participating bookkeeping and
voting on major issues

Based on

of bonus

for lottery

voting right to

Will Be Listed
in Major

Lucky is used as the basic constant value
unit for buying lottery tickets and will
circulate in the ecosystem


Based on

Inherited the
features of

No agent is

transactions in
safe and

Lucky to
USD equals
to 1:1

Road Map

· February
Winchain Founded.
· May
Pre-researched: China Welfare Lottery’s token system.
· September
Designed: Framework of national blockchain-based lottery system.
· October
Obtained: The first lottery operation license in Africa.
· December
Built: Business development teams in Angola and Cambodia.
· January
(1) Set up the HQ in Silicon Valley.(2) Established a technical framework of dual-chain mode.(3) Winchain Open Source Technology Foundation founded.
· March
Initiated private equity business.
· June
Established the blockchain-based Lottery Institute.
· July
Completed development of the public blockchain subsystem.
Opened the source code, encouraged developers to participate.
Initiated at least three blockchain-based contractual frameworks.
· August
Launched Winchain system for a certain country in Africa.
Issued the world’s first national blockchain-based lottery.
· Signed licenses of lottery operation in three countries.

Core Team

  • Peter Zhong

    Peter Zhong is a team member of Winchain, Peter obtained his master’s degree in computer science at the University of Silicon Valley and has 20 years of experience in Linux development. Peter served as the CEO of Linuxlab, CTO of WebKomputing, and Vice President of Silicon Valley Business Association.

  • Charles Song

    Chales is a team member of Winchain, he is an expert in information security, artificial intelligence and computational game theory.
    Charles Song has been granted numerous national and international awards. He founded an information security company serving tier-one enterprises and hundreds of millions of users. He came into the blockchain technology at 2016 and has accomplished successful projects in blockchain games, blockchain-based lottery tokens and security traceability areas.

  • Forrest Nie

    Forrest Nie is a team member of Winchain. Forrest obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Geophysics at Peking University and Master’s degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Peter was the core architect of China Welfare Lottery System and he is the leading expert in the lottery system development area in China. Forrest served as a technical expert in Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and project manager of Business-intelligence of Oriental Nations Corporation Ltd.

  • Adam Zhang

    Adam Zhang is a team member of Winchain. Adam served as a senior manager in a well-known Internet company O2O. He has rich experience in O2O resource integration and business development.

  • John Niu

    John Niu is a team member of Winchain, John also serves as Management Partner, Director, Investment Committee Member of Chinagrowth Capital, and CEO of Chinagrowth digital. John once worked in CITIC Securities Jinshi Investment and has over 20 years of financial investment experience with rich experience in global asset allocation. Good at market value management, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, fund management, asset trading and so on, the assets under management and mergers and acquisitions exceeded RMB 40 billion.

  • Emílio Jacinto

    Emílio Jacinto is a team member of Winchain. Emílio also serves as the HR manager and Assistant to the General Manager of Mozambique Beneficial Lottery.
    Emílio is proficient in English and Portuguese and is responsible for Winchain’s business development in Mozambique and other African countries.

  • Xing Jin

    Xing Jin is a team member of Winchain. Xing is an experienced software architect with more than 20 years in IT industry and software development. Xing also serves as CTO of Power X, a UK based block-chain startup in the field of energy exchange.

  • Micheal Lee

    Micheal Lee is a team member of Winchain. Michael obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in UC San Diego and Doctor’s degree of laws in Santa Clara University. He was also granted accountant's certificate from UC Los Angeles and learned comparative law at the University of Oxford.

  • Bob Lu

    Bob Lu is a team member of Winchain. Bob is a seasoned internet expert and a blockchain technology enthusiast with 18 years of experiences in start-ups, software engineering, product management and go-to-market across UK, China, Brazil, and Australia. Bob also serves as an advisor for the TrustNote Foundation, an Australia based blockchain technology startup.

  • Peter Zhong

  • Charles

  • Forrest

  • Adam

  • John

  • Emílio Jacinto

  • Xing Jin

  • Micheal

  • Bob Lu